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As the eyelash industry continues to expand, pioneers are developing new and advanced lash extension techniques. A method to create a fuller, more dramatic individual lash extension look is the Russian Volume technique.

This 2 day course will give you all the confidence you need to become part of the growing lashindustry.  The first day is online teaching you all you need to know including,

  • Health and Saftey
  • Sanitation
  • Eyeshapes and how to choose the right look
  • Lash Curls and how they look. Key to creating your volume lashes
  • Lash Tweezers
  • Lash Glues
  • Proper isolation and placement of the fans
  • How to make fans suitable for your clients natural lash

After learning your online section you can join us in class for the practical.

Book with Hybrid lashes and Bottom lashes for a discount. 

Russian Volume Lash Class

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