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One session Microblading  £180

Ombre/powder Brow  £180


Lip blush  £220

Maria is Phi brow trained and triple qualified having trained both in the UK and California.

Microblading will last up to three years after your 4-6 week touch up. Results are dependent on skin type and results vary person to person. Microblading is semi-permanent make up that replicates your natural hair strokes. Its great for people with existing brow hair as well as sparse hair.  It will save you time in the morning from having to draw your eyebrows, It's waterproof and smudge proof.


Powder/Ombre Brow is great for a bolder look. It is better for people with oilier skin, however all skin types can have it. As with Microblading it will last up to 2 years after your 4-6 week touch up.

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