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Eyelash Treatments: Service

This look is the classic everyday look. It creates a bold look that will be customized to the length you would like.

It is also great for people who are new to eyelash extensions

Russian Volume

Russian Volume are extremely versatile. They will be customized for the look that you want. They are perfect for people with less natural lashes as they create volume. They also work extremely well if you already have a lot of natural lashes.

 Lashes that are much lighter than classic lashes are made into little fans. Theses are then strategically  placed onto your natural lashes. We will never use pre made fans as these can not be adapted to what each individual lash can hold. Contrary to popular believe, these lashes, when done correctly, are actually much kinder to your natural lash.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid is a great inbetween set for those who want a little more than classics but not as much as full volume. Can be worn as an everyday look 

Lovely lashes for this beaut
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3 weeks
_iamandreamartinez thank you for this go
From classic to Hybrid
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